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Supporting your brand with technology, service, and sourcing

What We Do

The Bajan Group supports your brand by delivering a custom portal to manage all your branded products for use by your internal and external customers. No more use of old logos, unauthorized use of the brand, and rogue spending. With Bajan, your site becomes the portal through which all branded products flow through, including printing, promotional products, wearables, and digital assets. Each site is created to meet your requirements including accessibility, workflow, product customization, products, and fulfillment. Bajan acts as your outsourced support service ensuring your branded products are tightly controlled and delivered exactly as you require them to be.


Bajan’s brand support application enables us to create a custom portal around your workflow and business rules. You have full control of the look, feel and rules for your portal, giving you control over your workflow, branding, products, and users. Some of the features that can be deployed include:

  • Permission based access to products and services.
  • Customized templates integrated with digital assets to create personalized branded messaging that meets brand standards.
  • Outputs beyond print including HTML email, flipbooks, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and EPS.
  • Digital asset management that enables you to manage all your assets in place.
  • Real time reporting on orders, usage, and inventory.
  • Manage spending for internal users with order approval workflow.


At Bajan we have 25 years of experience in supplying every branded product you can imagine for our enterprise customers. The most common products we manage are:

  • Printing – Corporate stationary, envelopes, brochures, labels, folders, brochures and any other business document or corporate collateral that is printed using your brand standards.
  • Promotional Products – The list is endless from pens and mugs to water bottles and tote bags.
  • Wearables – Hats, shirts, hoodies, and anything else you can wear.
  • Variable print – Individually customized printing wherever your branded printing is consumed, users can personalize the piece for their purposes using preselected formats and digital images.
  • Variable print email – Create your own bespoke brochure, but instead of printing it, email to a group of prospects or customers and track its performance.


All the technology and products together would not mean much without wrapping our services around them. Bajan manages the ordering, inventory, warehousing, and logistics for all products on your site. We assign a dedicated Account Manager who will manage all aspects of your program. Your Account Manager is supported by a team that is intimately familiar with the requirements of your account and is there to ensure your success.


Since 1990, The Bajan Group has serviced the hospitality, health care, retail, and manufacturing industries along with numerous SMB’s. We understand the value of your brand and ensuring its integrity whether it used on a business card, a brochure, or a marketing email campaign.

Our program provides brand managers with the tools they need to oversee their branded products and support their brand standards. We deliver technology that ensures compliance across all user groups, while providing the back-end service and products to create an extension of your marketing team.

So, we want to ask you a simple question: Do you know where your brand is?


The Bajan Group, Inc.
2345 Maxon Road Ext. Suite 7
Schenectady, NY 12308
P 518-464-2884

Interested in learning more about ensuring your branded products are tightly controlled and delivered exactly as you require them to be? Give a shout or complete the contact form below.

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